About Us

Food Gal: My favorite past time is eating…
But it hasn’t always been. At first, I was a terrible cook. Don’t get me wrong, I could cook a mean scrambled egg or make a great triple decker sandwich. However my attemps at recreating my moms homey delicious dishes were
complete failures.

When beer guy and I first started living together, he suggested we go vegetarian. We tried it out and failed miserably. I knew I had to work on my cooking, taste-wise but also from a nutritional stand-point.

I worked on it and developed a love for food that’s hard to explain. It’s a mix of excitement and curiosity. I  go crazy over the smells and colors of savory, unique dishes.  I strive to learn new, colorful, original, nutritional and tasty recipes whenever possible. Over the course of our almost 14 years together, I think I’ve gotten the hang of it and we’ve settled into a happy medium as pescatarians, eating fish or seafood perhaps once a week.

The recipes I’m excited to share with you are the result of years of research. What do I mean by that? I’ve concentrated on learning about which food choice are healthiest. I admit, there’s so much contradicting information about there so hopefully I can simplify it for you. Because I wanted to incorporate tasty meals into my repertoire, part of my quest involved looking at how other cultures eat vegetarian meals. I’m looking forward to sharing these recipes and photos with you.

Once in a while I’ll even throw in a review of a Montréal restaurant! How could I not, this city is filled with amazing chefs with brilliant ideas. I often get my inspiration from them (and other online recipes…and Masterchef…and the Food Network, but I digress). I hope you enjoy our little project!

Beer Guy: The journey of a thousand beers starts with one sip.

For the last few years I have been trying various beers in hopes of learning about my favourite drink. I realize that there is no particular type of beer that I
prefer. I enjoy trying new ones and sharing my findings. I simply relish each beer and try to understand why it tastes the way it does.

Food Gal and I have dabbled a little in home brewing in hopes of understanding the process and origin of the flavours that we are tasting.  Surely we will be doing more with our friend Max.

I am from Montréal and my tastes have been influenced by some of our best local beers. I have shared a passion for food with Food Gal for the last 14 years and together we are exploring the best that food and beer have to offer! There is only one thing I love more than food and beer, that is Food Gal 🙂

This blog will surely lean towards Montréal’s local food and brews. Don’t worry, this city is overrun by local eats and pubs and we like to travel to new restaurants.

We have made this blog to share our findings with fellow foodies and beer drinkers.

If there’s anything that we like almost as much as food and beer, it’s talking about it! Whether it is in a restaurant, on a beach, at home or on the net, we can be seen discussing our favourite topic! So I invite you to share in our journey, and for you to share some of yours with us!