I’m not normally a fan of vegan fare but what really drew me to Lov was it’s beautiful, Instagram-worthy pics. The decor is gorgeous; the colours are serene and comforting. Everything, down to the copper and green lamps, was chosen with great consideration. Walking in, I thought, “I need a mellow drink to reflect this mood”. Hands down the best mocktail I have ever had: the Pina Koala. Smooth, perfect sweetness, fresh and fun.

As appetizers, we ordered the onion rings and the kimchi fries. The onion rings arrived with a creamy dipping sauce. My best guess: cashew cream. While delicious, unfortunately it was not the best pairing to go with the rings as it was too light to match the deep fried snack. The rings themselves could have benefitted from spices to lend them a kick.

I’m sure you’re familiar with Beer Guy’s love of Kimchi by now. The kimchi fries were a winner. The fries were crisp and the kimchi sauce was tart and spicy.

Next we ordered the mushroom carpaccio. Lovely plating, the mushrooms were placed delicately on top of sliced avocados, with triangular crunchies for contrast. Unfortunately this dish was a miss. The avocado had a watery quality to them.  Thee mushrooms’ earthiness drowned out by the vinegary marinade.

We were interested in trying a veg dish that was fresh and crisp to clean our palates. We were recommended the root veg with harissa. Not exactly fresh and crisp. The spice mix on top was delicious but the veg was a little monotonous and fibery.

Finally we had the buckwheat gnocchi. This dish was gorgeous with their signature green hue. The Buckwheat flour lends a texture to the gnocchi that takes some getting used to but once we did, it was smooth sailing. The hemp-basil pesto was bright and refreshing. The flavour was stunning and the portion was very filling.


While I would say Lov achieved a 50-50 hit and miss ratio with their dishes, luckily they change the menu from time to time, perhaps seasonally.

There’s no doubt that Lov is a big hit with the vegan crown, with a new location now open on de la Montagne. Despite the lack lustre food experience, I would still give it another shot to try other dishes.



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